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Advantage Skin Solution

Advantage Skin Solution

Roll onto desired area then lightly massage into skin with fingertips. Apply morning and night to dry skin until area is clear, then daily after hair removal. For use on the face, neck, under arms, bikini area and legs.

GLYCOLIC ACID Breaks down the bonds between the outer layer of skin cells, including dead skin cells. Exfoliates these skin cells to remove inflammation and ingrown hair, brighten and smooth complexion, hydrate dry skin and fade hyperpigmentation.

LACTIC ACID Increases cell turnover and helps to eliminate accumulated dead cells on the epidermis, resulting in a smoother appearance and reduction in razor bumps/burn and ingrown hair.


ALPHA-ARBUTIN Visibly reduces the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone.

WILLOW BARK EXTRACT Plant extract that gently exfoliates, clams redness, reduces oiliness and signs of aging.

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